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was found on the belief that every individual deserves quality education.

Our Vision

GSI is a Canada based international student recruitment agency. We derive a great pleasure to serve and assist the foreign nationals to study at designated learning institutions of Canada. Our team of counsellors are very well trained to answer all your queries and help the aspirants to choose the appropriate path leading to the program well suited to their interests and previous qualifications. We are in partnership with hundred of universities and colleges so that we can provide you with deep insight about the current running courses, their eligibility criteria and the scholarships associated with them.

Our Mission

Our counsellors are highly motivated to keep up the high spirits in guiding the aspiring individuals and enhancing their educational experience, as they understand “Quality education and Favourable atmosphere” is the Mantra of success for our potential students. GSI believes in building mutual trust and understanding with its Clients, hence, we put on our best efforts in supporting them, recognizing their interests and goals, and leading them to choose the most suitable educational system as per their qualifications and ambitions.

GSI can help you if :

  • You are looking for studying in Canada
  • You would like to study English language in Canadian Schools
  • You are a college or university, enrolling international students
  • You are a student recruiting agency

Numbers Don’t Lie

If you are looking for studying in Canada , probably you know Canada has been ranked among the countries with best Educational system. The Canadian universities, colleges and schools always ranked in the world top 100.

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Let's start together today !

We are constantly updating our resources to offer comprehensive guidance and support to the students during their study so that they can enjoy the most comfortable procedure. Moving for the reason of continuing educations has always been a difficult and long process for any individual. This is a big step to take, and Go to Success (GSI) will facilitate your dreams within a shorter period of time. The next step after getting your letter of acceptance (LOA) is to apply for a student visa/study permit that requires submitting specific documents. GSI’s licensed immigration consultants take the responsibility for the complicated procedure of applying for Canada’s visa. Our mission in Go to Success (GSI) is to lay the ground for you to accomplish in both studying in Canada, working and permanent residency afterward.

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Talents Behind Our Success

Kiavash Keramat
Kiavash Keramat
Chairman of the board
Ardalan Tabrizi
Ardalan Tabrizi
Immigration Consultant


Educational Consultant
Mandana Keramat
Mandana Keramat
Office Coordinator
Juliana Nagao at GSI
Juliana Nagao
Educational Consultant
Bibiana Garcia at GSI
Bibiana Garcia
Digital Marketing Specialist
João Ramos
John Ramos
Digital Marketing Specialist
Ambica Verma
Ambica Verma
Operations and Public Relations Associate
Roxana Abbasi
Content Coordinator, Marketing Associate
ansarian gsi
Arezoo Ansarian
SMM Specialist / Executive Associate
Harpreet Rajput
South Asia Business Development Officer

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