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was founded on the belief that every student deserves an excellent education.

Our Vision

GSI is an international students recruitment agency based in Canada. Our great pleasure is to serve and assist students from all over the world to access excellent education. GSI offers a wide variety of services to address all your concerns and inquiries and help candidates to find the right program. We are in partnership with different hundreds of universities and colleges in order to improve your experience and provide the appropriate path to the best education (courses, degrees, scholarship, etc.) in accordance to your needs, qualifications and career aspirations.

GSI is committed to present you with the most detailed information required before making the final decision and introduces the most suitable universities/colleges for you to choose from.

Our responsible team supports you through the whole process of application and getting admission from universities and colleges, taking student visas, settling in Canada after landing. A powerful resource can be beneficial in students lives, and our professional consultants are the ones who can strongly support you considering your requirements and interests.

Our Mission

Our staff are recognized for their great work and are motivated to keep up the excellent spirit of loving to help students and enhancing their educational experience in Canada, as they are well aware of the fact that a high standard education quality and the right atmosphere are crucial to the success of a student. GSI’s most important commitment is to create a strong understanding of its clients based on mutual trust and hence spares no effort in supporting them, realizing their goals and dreams, and leading them to study in a suitable educational system matching their qualifications and ambitions.

GSI can help you if :

  • You are looking for studying in Canada
  • You would like to study English language in Canadian Schools
  • You are a college or university, enrolling international students
  • You are a student recruiting agency

Numbers Don’t Lie

If you are looking for studying in Canada , probably you know Canada has been ranked among the countries with best Educational system. The Canadian universities, colleges and schools always ranked in the world top 100.

150KInternational students

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We are constantly updating our resources to offer comprehensive guidance and support to the students during their study so that they can enjoy the most comfortable procedure. Moving for the reason of continuing educations has always been a difficult and long process for any individual. This is a big step to take, and Go to Success (GSI) will facilitate your dreams within a shorter period of time. The next step after getting your letter of acceptance (LOA) is to apply for a student visa/study permit that requires submitting specific documents. GSI’s licensed immigration consultants take the responsibility for the complicated procedure of applying for Canada’s visa. Our mission in Go to Success (GSI) is to lay the ground for you to accomplish in both studying in Canada, working and permanent residency afterward.

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Kiavash Keramat
Chairman of the board
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Bob Mashouf
Digital Marketing Director
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Mandana Keramat
Contracts Associate
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Content Coordinator, Marketing Associate
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Arezoo Ansarian
SMM Specialist / Executive Associate
Harpreet Rajput
South Asia Business Development Officer
Yasaman Mirafshar
General Supervisor & Business Development Associate

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